Florida Concealed Weapons Permit Class $75 Largo


florida concealed carry class1 241x300 Florida Concealed Weapons Permit Class $75 LargoWhy You Need A Florida Concealed Weapons Permit Class

Over 2000 Tampa Bay Area Residents Certified!

“This Holiday Season, I caught someone attempting to break into my house in the middle of the night. I was able to fight off the criminal without having to fire my weapon and protect my family. I wanted to thank you for all of your knowledge and training in the self defense and weapons industry.  I took your Florida Concealed Weapons Permit Class and Self Defense Shooting class a few months ago.

Because of your class, I was able to stay calm, think logically and use the necessary force to stop the bad guy. Thanks again for your knowledge and dedication to your community. Thanks again.” M.B.

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Questions Call (727) 289-4726 All Paperwork & Use of Firearm Included in Class Fee.

Tampa Bay is a Dangerous Place to Live

I know. I’ve patrolled these streets as a police officer, and investigated hundreds of major crimes as a detective. You’re smart enough to know how dangerous it is around here, or you wouldn’t be thinking about getting a Florida concealed weapons permit, right?

More and more people have realized getting a concealed weapons license is their best defense against the violent criminals who make the Tampa Bay area their hunting-ground. Now that you’ve found this website, you no longer have to worry about being their next victim.

STOP Thinking About Getting a Permit – Take Your Florida Concealed Weapons Permit Course Now!

  • We make the application process easy.

  • Get confidence and ability to defend yourself or family – even if you’ve never shot before.

  • Top-notch & enjoyable training is right here at your fingertips!

satisfaction guaranteed1 sm Florida Concealed Weapons Permit Class $75 LargoMy father, sister and I recently took your Concealed Weapons course and we were so impressed with your class.  The information was presented in a way that was both informative but entertaining.  Never once did we feel bored or loose interest.  I enjoyed this class and highly recommend it to others!  Thank you. Tasha J. (Click Here to Read More Testimonials)

Now You Can Choose the Florida Concealed Weapons Permit Class That’s Right for You.

florida concealed weapons permit training 300x218 Florida Concealed Weapons Permit Class $75 LargoYou can decide to take a Basic $75.00 Two-Hour Concealed Weapons Permit Class during which you will demonstrate you can safely discharge a firearm by shooting one shot.

You can also take my four hour course that includes both the basic Florida concealed weapons permit class, and a two-hour, 50-shot learn-to-shoot class.

Either class meets the training requirements for a Florida concealed firearms license. Decide which class you want to take, check the schedule to the right, and then call (727) 289-4726 to schedule your class.

Here’s what you’ll learn during a Florida concealed carry permit class.

  • Firearms and Self Defense Law
  • Firearm Safety
  • Real-life Self Defense shooting Techniques
  • How & When to Shoot in Self Defense
  • Step-by-Step How to Complete the Application Process
  • Self Defense Shooting Instruction at the Shooting Range (Four Hour Course Only)

satisfaction guaranteed1 sm Florida Concealed Weapons Permit Class $75 LargoMy husband and I really enjoyed this Florida concealed weapons permit class. Jeff was very knowledgeable and made it interesting. I loved the class and would definitely recommend this class.” - Chanin and Lenel W. (Click Here to Read More Testimonials)

Warning: triangle alert 001 sm Florida Concealed Weapons Permit Class $75 LargoNot All Firearms Instructors Have the Professional Experience Needed to Teach Your Class

Jeff was a great instructor. He told us stories we could relate to, to help us understand even more. His background in law enforcement really helped with all his information. I have refereed him to everyone I know!

Many firearms instructors have the rating needed to teach your Florida concealed weapons permit class.  Not all of them have the professional experience and background I do that allows me to provide you with the best possible concealed permit course.

There are psychologists, plumbers, and accountants who teach concealed carry classes, but these instructors have never had to carry a gun professionally. Furthermore, they have never been required to face armed and dangerous criminals on a daily basis.

I am sure they are great people, but their professional experience does not include the daily carrying of firearms. They don’t have extensive police training, or experience in applying law and training to potentially deadly encounters with violent criminals.

I have over fifteen years in local and international law enforcement that gives me the professional experience to provide you with real-life examples of what to do – or not to do – if you ever find yourself face to face with violent criminals.

satisfaction guaranteed1 sm Florida Concealed Weapons Permit Class $75 LargoThe concealed weapons training I received was excellent. The classes are in small group environments that allow for detailed and in-depth training. The instructors are very patient and knowledgeable, and will certainly help you apply practical tactical principles to your use of weapons for self-defense. – Diana V. (Read More Testimonials)

Putting the Serious Stuff Aside… You’ll Enjoy Taking Your Florida Concealed Weapons Permit Class

jeff morelock florida gun permit class5 300x230 Florida Concealed Weapons Permit Class $75 LargoShooting is fun and empowering. It can provide you and your family with endless hours of fun. I teach all of my classes in an enjoyable and informal setting. I enjoy teaching Florida concealed weapons classes, and I make sure my students enjoy taking them.

I love to teach people how to shoot because it is rewarding to see someone who has never even held a gun before, leave the shooting range feeling excited, empowered, and confident in their ability to shoot – and even defend themselves, or someone they love.

satisfaction guaranteed1 sm Florida Concealed Weapons Permit Class $75 LargoWe wanted to thank you for your instructions in the concealed weapons course. You kept the material interesting by relating to your real life experiences and knowledge. Your range training exercises kept the day informative and interesting. Most importantly your patience with two novices who were both apprehensive at the beginning of the day were much appreciated. – Mike and David (Read More Testimonials)

Still Just Thinking About Getting Your Florida Concealed Weapons Permit? Remember This:

There is a violent crime every 22 seconds!

That’s one Murder every 34 minutes, one Robbery every minute, and one Rape every six minutes. With statistics like these, your chances of becoming one of these victims could literally be “waiting for you right around the next corner.”

Until now it was not your fault that you were not prepared to defend yourself against the most violent and sadistic criminals on earth. Now that you know you can even the odds by getting your Florida concealed weapons permit – its not just your right, its your responsibility to yourself and your family.

Cash or Check Only – Credit or Debit Cards Not Accepted!

Class size is limited and classes fill up quickly. Not calling now could be a matter of life or death for you or a loved one!

Call (727) 289-4726 now to reserve a seat in your Florida concealed weapons permit class!