Sep 282011

These new laws help Florida concealed weapons permit holders because they keep anti-gun politicians at the local level from passing ordinances and laws that infringe on our Second Amendment rights. Its good to see lawmakers actually held to following the law for a change.

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Aug 082011

ST. PETERSBURG, Florida – Authorities say a would-be victim pulled a gun and shot a man who tried to rob him in a restaurant parking lot in St. Petersburg. St. Petersburg police say the incident happened about 10:30 p.m. Sunday in the Applebee’s parking lot located on 4th Street North.

Police say Raven Smith and Lesley Tanner were exiting their vehicle to go into the restaurant when 17-year-old Anthony Hauser, wearing a ski mask and armed with a handgun, confronted Tanner.

Smith — who possesses a concealed weapons permit — drew his own handgun and fired at the suspect multiple times.

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Aug 062011

As a Florida concealed weapons permit holder it is important for you to carry your firearms wherever you are permitted to do so by law. An innocent trip to the ice cream parlor could turn deadly for a completely unexpected reason like the one described in the story below.

Of course actually pulling out your gun while you’re with your kids enjoying and healthy hot fudge sunday with extra hot fudge should be a last resort – running out the door with your kids should be your first choice if possible – but its good to have your gun if the shooting starts.

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Aug 022011

By Diana Moskovitz

Do handguns belong in South Florida’s parks and recreation centers and city halls? They do according to the Florida Legislature.

Under a new law that takes effect Oct. 1, all of the state’s cities and counties must repeal local rules limiting gun ownership. Although the state has claimed sole right to regulate firearms since 1987, this year’s new law adds fines for local officials who fail to comply, and gives gun owners a right to sue for damages if they believe their rights have been violated.

Though the initial bill suggested a fine of $5 million, the final legislation lowered the amount to $5,000.

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Jul 222011

This police officer should be fired and evaluated by a mental health professional to see if he should be allowed to carry a firearm. As a former police officer and concealed weapons permit holder I am disgusted and even frightened by his behavior. If you’re a Florida concealed weapons permit holder, or you plan to get a permit, Read the story below and make sure you watch the video

CANTON — A local police officer goes berserk after finding a gun on a motorist, even though he also had a license to carry it. The video was posted on YouTube and is now getting attention worldwide. It shows Canton Police Officer Daniel Harless berating a motorist known as “William” for failing to identify that he is a concealed carry permit holder and has a weapon. The driver says he tried to tell him, but was told to keep quiet. The verbal beating continued on and off camera.

“You’re supposed to tell me you have a weapon,” Officer Harless said.

“I was trying to, sir,” the driver replied.

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Jul 152011

join nra National Rifle Assocation Versus United Nations

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FAIRFAX, Va. -- National Rifle Association’s Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre addressed the United Nations this afternoon. He told the U.N. to not interfere with the Second Amendment freedoms of Americans and pledged to continue the fight to preserve civilian ownership of firearms in the U.S. He said the NRA will oppose any U.N. provision that seeks to prohibit or regulate U.S. civilian firearm ownership.

LaPierre said in his remarks, “The cornerstone of our freedom is the Second Amendment. Neither the United Nations, nor any other foreign influence, has the authority to meddle with the freedoms guaranteed by our Bill of Rights, endowed by our Creator, and due to all humankind.”

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Jul 152011

Florida concealed weapons permit holders can learn a lot from this report. During your Florida concealed carry class you will learn what the law says about how to properly store your firearms, and what can happen to you if you don’t. A three-year-old girl died after accidentally shooting herself in the head with a gun she had found hidden under a mattress, police said.

Lilianna Moore, three, had been left home alone by her father, who was out visiting his girlfriend when his daughter picked up the loaded gun in a bedroom at their apartment in St Louis, Missouri. Neighbors reported seeing a paramedic racing out of the building carrying Lilianna’s limp body in his arms, blood pouring from her head.

Jul 152011

Doctors in Florida are fighting a first-of-its-kind law requiring them to have a legitimate safety concern before they start asking a patient about guns.

The physicians contend the new law is too broad and they should be free to ask patients and parents about firearms in the house to make sure people know how to keep them safely locked away. Doctors routinely offer similar advice about other household risks, from the dangers of tobacco use to swimming pools.

Gun rights supporters who pushed for the new law believe questions about gun ownership are an invasion of privacy, and say some people have been dropped by doctors simply because they refused to talk about firearms.

The law, signed by Republican Gov. Rick Scott, took effect June 2. It forbids doctors from inquiring about guns unless the information is “relevant to a patient’s medical care or safety, or the safety of others.”

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Jul 072011

Why I Died – Your Concealed Weapons Permit Class is Not Enough

By Mike Seeklander

As I lay there mortally wounded, with my life slipping away, I could not help remembering the words of the instructor who had taught my concealed carry class. He said, “This training is not the end, and really not even a good beginning for your self-defense training. Get some more training!” His point, as he often repeated during the one-day class, was that I was not even close to being prepared for the real deal if it happened to me or any of the other 15 students in the class.

Now I am not sure about them, but I knew he spoke the truth about me. Fitness has never been part of my life, that firearm class was my first (just to get my carry permit), and I honestly preferred to spend my money on the skiing trip I had planned with my buddies rather than paying for more training or practice ammunition. The class got me the certificate I needed to legally carry a gun, and with a gun I had the great equalizer, right?

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