Combination Course Basic Permit & Self Defense Shooting Class $125


shay2 225x300 Combination Course Basic Permit & Self Defense Shooting Class $125

Get Your Florida Concealed Weapons Permit Even if You’ve Never Shot Before

If you have never shot before or if you want to learn how self defense shooting tactics used by police officers and other armed professionals then a Basic Florida Concealed Weapons Class and a Self Defense Shooting Combination Course is best for you.

“Really a great course, especially for a Novice. 3 of us took it together never having fired a gun before and by the time we left we had a clear understanding of the laws, how to be safe and were comfortable firing a handgun.” (More Testimonials)

Students who attend the Basic Course are only required to shoot one shot, and are not taught how to shoot. While this does meet the state requirements, you should attend the Combination Course if you have little or no shooting experience.


During the four hour combination course, you’ll learn everything taught in the basic course including:

  • Firearms and Self Defense Law
  • Firearm Safety
  • How & When to Shoot in Self Defense
  • Step-by-Step How to Complete the Application Process

In addition to the above listed subjects, you will learn the following in the Combination Course:

  • How to Load and Unload Handguns
  • Shooting Fundamentals – Proper Grip, Trigger Control, Aiming, and Stance
  • Shooting Techniques Against Attackers – Where and How Many Times to Shoot Violent Attackers

 These classes are held on Thursdays, and Saturdays from 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM. Classes are limited to 6 students to maintain a high quality level of instruction, so call now and we can process your credit card over the phone to reserve your spot in class. (727) 289-4726

NOTE: If you don’t have your own handgun you may rent a Glock 9MM or a .22 Revolver for $10.00. Please let us know if you need a rental gun when you call to schedule your class. You will need to buy the ammo for $12.25, and there is also a $14 range fee.


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