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Biometric Gun Safe

Florida concealed weapons permit holders are required by law to store their firearms safely. As a parent or responsible adult, you don’t want  your child (or any child for that matter) injured or killed because you failed to store your gun properly. You also want to have fast access to your gun in case someone breaks into your home with plans to kill you or your family.

Gun locks that come with new guns are good at preventing children from accidentally shooting someone or themselves, but they can be deadly when an intruder has chased you down the hallway and into your bedroom. Imagine trying to stick a key into a small padlock under those circumstances. Don’t you agree that it would difficult at best?

Biometric safes like this one are the only safe and practical answers to storing your gun at home or in your place of business. You can program them open in a split second for you, responsible adult family members, or responsible employees. If you own a gun, or are planning to buy a gun, order this biometric gun safe today. Watch a Video to See This Safe in Action


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Concealed Carry Holster for Medium – Large Handguns

Selecting the proper holster for carrying your gun is just as important as the gun itself. Your hold should allow for fast access, but it should also keep your gun secure in case you’re involve in a scuffle or are knocked to the ground.

When I carry my medium sized 9MM, I carry it in the holster pictured to the left. My pistol snaps securely in place, yet it release with the single push of a button.

This holster also slips in and out of my belt-line, so I can remove it and put it in a glove compartment or drawer when I am going to be sitting for a lone time. It is made out of high impact plastic and is extremely lightweight. It can be easily adjusted to any body-type and is available in both right and left hand versions.


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Concealment Purses

Just any purse will not do for safe and practical concealed carry. You need a purse specifically made for concealing and keeping your gun secure. This purse has an easily accessible hidden compartment with a holster that keeps your gun where where you need it.

Of course it also has everything else you need when it comes to a purse. There are compartments separate from the hidden gun compartment that prevents you from having to dig through your purse looking for your gun when you need it most.

This purse also keeps the gun out of sight from curious children looking for candy or a tissue, or nosy strangers who may sneak a quick peak while you’re in the checkout line.


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Pocket Holster

Designed for carrying a small handgun in the front pocket of your pants or coat, the Pocket Protector holster keeps your gun positioned so you can always quickly put your hand on the grip when you need to draw. This holster also hides the outline of your firearm so you can carry it discreetly with confidence. Reinforcement of the trigger guard and holster mouth aid drawing and re-holstering.

A hooked section under the trigger guard is engineered to catch your pocket on the draw so the holster stays in the pocket or falls clear. This ambidextrous holster is constructed of premium Center Cut Steerhide . Available: S&W J Frame, Glock 26/27/33, Ruger LCP/Kel-Tec, Khar MK/PM 9/40, Ruger LCP W/CTC, Sig P238.

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Bulk Handgun Ammo

This ammo is what I use for my Florida concealed weapons class and for my own personal practice sessions at the range. I don’t recommend carrying full metal jacket ammo such as this for self defense purposes, but it is my first choice for training and for shooting at the range.

An outstanding value for new manufacturer ammunition. Winchester?s renowned accuracy and reliability in clean-shooting rounds loaded with 115-gr. full metal jacket bullets. Top-notch ammo at an affordable price. Made in USA. Available:300 rounds plus one Dry-Storage Box 600 rounds plus one Dry-Storage Box 1200 rounds plus one Dry-Storage Box


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