Shooting Skills Improvement Class


Shooting Skills Improvement Class

What is the one main thing that all professional athletes, singers, and business people have in common? If you ask them they’ll say they owe much of their success to a coach, trainer, or mentor.

Shooting or protecting your family is no different than anything else you want to master. You need a coach.

I took Jeff’s Private Coaching session – and I suggest you do too. Once he had accessed my abilities and provided corrective actions (e.g., stance, arm position, grip), my self-defense training began in earnest. Throughout my session, Jeff made suggestions that were clearly understandable. I was challenged and learned a great deal. I’m far more confident — and comfortable - defending myself and/or loved ones against a would-be criminal. So, ladies and gentlemen, if you’re on the fence about whether to take his coaching session, get off the fence. I highly recommend taking his Private Coaching session. I’m so glad I did.” Rhonda C.

Kick your handgun skills up a few notches, and take advantage of my “Private Shooting Coach” sessions. If you’re serious about your shooting, or if you want to give yourself and your family the best chances of surviving an attack from a deadly criminal, then you need a private shooting coach.

Basic Session

Module One: Remote Controlled Silhouette Target

  • 10 – 15 Round Shooting Fundamentals Check
  • 20 – 30 Rounds One Handed Shooting – Normal/Strong Side Shooting Technique
  • 20 – 30 Rounds – Weak/Off-Hand Shooting Technique

Module Two: Command Training Target, Haley Trigger Stripe Target, Haley Chage Gears Target

  • 30 – 50 Rounds Two Handed Speed Vs. Accuracy Drills
  • 30 – 50 Rounds One Hand Strong Side Speed Vs. Accuracy Drills
  • 30 – 50 Rounds One Hand Weak Side Speed Vs. Accuracy Drills

Shooting Drill Group Three: Shooting Drills Will be Conducted Using Photo-realistic Life-sized Attacker Targets

50 Rounds “Two Shots to the Chest, One Shot to the Head” Drills

You session ends with a review and recommended training technique debriefing.

Advanced Session One: Weapon Manipulation

Only open to shooters who have attended the Basic Session

Advanced Session Two: Low Light and Barricade Shooting

Only open to shooters who have attended the Basic Session and Advanced Session One

Advanced Session Three: Force on Force Scenario Training (Using NLTA Guns in Shoot/Don’t Shoot Roll Player Scenarios)

Only open to shooters who have attended the Basic Session, Advanced Session One, and Advanced Session two

Review: Private Shooting Coach Class

“Carrying a Concealed weapon is a serious responsibility for yourself, your family and your community. This is definitely not something you do one time and set aside thinking you are ready for the unexpected. Just like driving a car one needs the basic skills and the experience to do it properly, -but if you really want to prepare for avoiding car accidents and driving in harsh conditions or traffic professional training is a must. After all, the time to realize you can’t shoot well with only one hand at multiple moving targets is NOT under the stress of an actual intrusion or attack.

I already completed the Combination Course Basic Permit and Self Defense Shooting Class at It was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Jeff does an outstanding job of teaching his students from all levels in a positive, informative and very interesting forum. He is able to provide everyone the basic education they need to own and carry a gun.

After a few months of range and home training I decided I was ready to sharpen my shooting skills and lose any bad habits, so I scheduled a Private Shooting Coach Class.
Wow, – in just a couple hours I learned to be a much more effective shooter, improve gun handling skills under pressure and discard a couple weak habits that cost me time and effectiveness as a concealed carry. Jeff provided intensive hands-on guidance in a friendly, informative manner which really reinforces my strengths and encourages one to practice more effective shooting. I finished my training feeling a good workout and knowing my strengths with confidence, as well as where I needed more practice.

I highly recommend this program to anyone, but especially those who conceal carry and want to develop the confidence of handling your weapon under pressure. You will be glad you did!” JH

Session Fee: $100

Range Fee: $14

You must bring your own ammo (200 rounds), or purchase it at the range. Ammo prices at the range vary.

Call (727) 289-4726 to Schedule Your Private Shooting Coach Session.